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Details of the Information about Fee Waiver, Funds and Scholarships:

1. To enjoy scholarship and tuition fee waiver undergraduate students must take at least 12 credits and postgraduate students must take at least 9 credits in each semester. If any department offers less credit/fewer credits, the condition could be relaxed. Students must get 3.00 in English I and II to retain the waiver in any quota.  

2. Among the students, each of the husband and wife, two brothers, brother & sister and two sisters of same parent will get waiver of 20% of their tuition fee. For continuation, they will have to maintain a GPA 3.00 Benefit will be withdrawn if any of the two drops from the Program.

3. DIU offered the tuition fee waiver for the students on the basis of results in HSC or equivalent including fourth subject in the following categories:

HSC Result  General Board Waiver Rate SGPA to be maintained BTEB/ Madrasa Board Waiver Rate SGPA to be maintained
Golden 5 75% 3.50 Golden GPA-5 75% 3.50
GPA-5 30% 3.00 GPA-5 15% 3.00
4.90 20% 3.00 4.90 to 4.99 10% 3.00
4.80 10% 3.00      

4. The tuition fee waiver in Female quota will be as stated below:

For Under Graduate Students
HSC Result 
General Board
Waiver Rate SGPA to be Maintained BTEB/ Madrasa
Waiver Rate SGPA to be Maintained
4.00-4.70 10% 3.00 4.00-4.89 10% 3.00

5. Scholarship Committee recommended the tuition fee waiver for the students on the basis of results in “A” Level in the following categories:

Results in "A" Level Waiver Rate GPA to be maintained Credit should be taken (at least)
GPA-5 ( Grade "A" and "A") 100% 3.50 12
GPA-4.50( Grade "A" and "B") 60% 3.40 12
GPA-4.00 ( Grade "B" and "B") 40% 3.25 12
GPA-3.50 ( Grade "B" and "C") 20% 3.00 12

6. Students graduated from DIU will be given tuition fee waiver for their second degree program at DIU in the following ways:

CGPA out of 4 Waiver Rate SGPA to be maintained
CGPA 3.90 or Above 50% 3.25
CGPA 3.85 to 3.89 40% 3.25
CGPA 3.75 to 3.84 30% 3.00
CGPA 3.25 to 3.49 20% 3.00
CGPA 3.00 to 3.24 15% 3.00
Below CGPA 3.00 10% 3.00

7. Students will get tuition fee waiver for Semester Final result according to the following ways:

GPA out of  4 Waiver %
4 out of 4 50%
3.90 - 3.99 30%
3.85 - 3.89 20%
3.80 - 3.84 10%

8. DIU employees or their first blood relatives will get 50% tuition fee exemption. They will have to maintain a GPA 3.00. No restriction will be imposed in taking courses on the employees of DIU. The waiver will be effective only if the employee gained one year working experience from DIU otherwise the waiver will not be enjoyable. DIU employees must serve at DIU at least for 2 years after completion of degree. Otherwise they have to return half of the benefit received while quitting the service. The employee will have to submit a Letter of Commitment in Stamp Paper in this regard.

9. Students who will apply for tuition fee waiver in other different quotas (Need based, Freedom Fighters, quota, Tribal, DIC students, Sports quota, 1st batch etc) should maintain a minimum GPA 3.00 (4) in each semester.

10. The students who are already enjoying waiver benefit in any category should not apply for further waiver benefit.

11. Newly admitted students can apply for waiver benefit under Need based category through the Prescribed Financial Aid Form after completion of at least one semester.

12. In case of transferred students from one program to another, to retain the received waiver benefit students have to apply again after changing their Program.

13. Waiver benefit is applicable only for tuition fee and not applicable for Admission fee, Semester fee, Library fee, Lab fee, Extra Curricular activities fee, Improvement, Retake, Project/ Dissertation/Internship etc.

14. 10% tuition fee exemption will be given for DIU Alumni or their first blood relatives and for enjoying the benefit they will have to maintain a GPA 3.00.

15. Facilities, such as, scholarship, waiver, laptop, etc., will instantly be cancelled forever if any student is found taking part in any activity which goes against the rules and regulations of the university and hamper the image. This policy will be followed strictly.

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