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Abstract- This paper presents a design of solar system which gives a technical description and implementation process about an outdoor lighting system for university campus. Almost all university has a big campus for the students where it is very important to ensure the proper lighting system at night throughout the whole campus for smooth movement of students. This work has been done with a view to give the proper lighting facilities for university campus at night using solar energy. We used the solar power as the primary source and batteries for the secondary power source. Use of autonomous mechanism has made this system more advances like remote facilities and time saving.  Light emitting diode (LEDs) are used here instead of generally used energy saving (CFL) bulb which offer us about 20% less energy consumption but ensure the same light intensity and balance the human eye response in scotopic condition. Constant current mode and constant voltage mode analysis show the input impedance will be at tolerable level so that it can’t raise the temperature of circuit. Besides it presents high efficiency, because all power stages are implemented in DC currents.  Power calculation also shows how the combination of normal solar panel and rooftop panel can ensure the daily power demand for the campus lighting. We can also think any street or big localities for the implementable field of this project.

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