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Preface: Alumni are not only the graduates but proud members of their graduated institution family. An institution is committed to look after all the graduates even through their entire career life. Similarly, all the graduates have right and responsibilities to maintain a cordial bridging with their alma-mater institution. The organization which facilitate and maintain the bridging with graduates and their institution is universally known as Alumni Association. Thus, Alumni are one of the important stakeholders and ambassadors of the institution. The Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Daffodil International University has established the EEE Alumni Association and carry out its activities based on the university approved organogram.  

1. Name
The name of the association shall be “EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA)”.

2. Monogram
The following monogram of the association has been proposed. The theme of the monogram illustrates that the Department of EEE is sustained by Alumni Association and both of the parties embraces DIU to implement the vision of the university.

3. The Aims and Objectives: The bridging of the graduates with department is not only the way of continuous affection but works as a suitable tool for mutual cooperation and interest. However, the aims and objectives of the association shall be:

    1. To maintain a continuous relation and communication for developing moral strength, network.
    2. To advise and assist students and any member of alumni in terms of motivation, welfare and career development.
    3. To build-up a network and collaboration with various companies and institutions with the department through Alumni at home and abroad.
    4. To improve the quality of teaching-learning by coordinating the education and research strategy with job requirement, global demand and modern technology through Alumni.
    5. To contribute for the department by the Alumni in terms of technology, fund etc.
    6. To arrange workshops/get-together for refreshing/updating knowledge and information for the alumni and students.
    7. To honor and recognize the Alumni for their outstanding contribution for the society and nation.

4. Membership:  All the graduates of the Department of EEE are eligible for the membership on subscription.
Type of member:
(a). General Member -200 BDT/year
(b). Life-time Member – 2,500 BDT once
(c). Honorary Member (All faculty members of the department & without subscription fee).

5. Fund Management
Terms of Reference for the fund management of EEEAA shall be as follows:

    1. Treasurer of the association shall be responsible to manage the EEEAA fund subject to audit advised by advisory committee.
    2. The fund shall be deposited in a joint bank account comprised of the account name of the Head/Assoc. Head of the Department, President and Treasurer of EEEAA.
    3. The President and Treasurer of EEEAA shall submit yearly financial statement to the Head/Assoc. Head of the Department, Advisory and Executive Committee of the association.
    4. The sources of EEEAA fund shall be sponsorship and donation along with registration fees.
    5. Fund shall be used in any kind of activities of DIUEEEAA with the approval of the Head/Assoc. Head of the Department, President, General Secretary and Treasurer of EEEAA.

6. Organization: The EEEAA shall be composed of a general body and two committees as follows.

   6a. Executive Committee: It will consist of 25 members. They will execute all the activities of the association under direction and approval of Advisory Committee.
       6a.1. President: He will be elect from all the general members.
       6a.2. Vice-President: It will consist of two members. One will be elect from day shift and another will be elect from evening shift.
       6a.3. General Secretary: He will be elect from all the general members.
       6a.4. Joint General Secretary: It will consist of four (4) members. Minimum one will be elect from evening shift.
       6a.5. Treasurer: He will be elect from all the general members.
       6a.6. Organizing Secretary, Joint Organizing Secretary (3 members must be 1 female), Media and Publication Secretary, Sport Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Executive Members (minimum 2 females): They will be Select from general members concern with advisory Committee and 6a.1 to 6a.5.
   6b. Advisory Committee: This committee shall be comprised of the Chairman (Head / Assoc. Head of the Dept.) and maximum five of the Advisors among senior teachers of the department. Advisory Committee shall advise and look after the executive Committee for successful operation of the association.

7. Cessation of Membership and Committee Position: The membership and committee position shall be ceased upon any offence, crime, dues or violation of discipline of the association.

8. Meeting

General Body Meeting: It shall be organized once a year [Last week of December] by the General Secretary in consultation with President and Advisory Committee.
Executive Committee Meeting: It shall be organized once in every semester or 3 times a year [January, May and September] by General Secretary in consultation with President and Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committee Meeting: It shall be organized once in every semester or 2 times a year [February and June].  

Requisition Meeting: Any meeting may be called for any requisition or events by any committee in consultation with President and Advisory Committee.

Emergency Meeting: Special meeting may be called for any emergency situation or events by any committee in consultation with President and Advisory Committee.

9. Composition:
  9a.General Body: It will consist of all the EEEAA members.
  9b.Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the following positions:
     9b.1 The President shall be the Chairperson and Convener of the Executive Committee of the association.
     9b.2 The Secretary shall attend to all correspondence of the association and ensure that a true an accurate record is kept of all duly convened General Meetings and Executive Meetings of the association.
    9b.3 The Treasurer shall attend to all matters concerning the Club’s finances.
    9b.4 The Vice-President shall co-operate with the President and act on his or her behalf in the President’s absence, illness or incapacity.
    9b.5 The Joint secretary/s shall co-operate with the Secretary and act on his or her behalf in the secretary’s absence, illness or incapacity.
    9b.6 The organizing secretary are responsible for communicate with the executive and general members for arranging any activities smoothly. He/she also play role as a bridge between general members and executive members.
    9b.7 The Office Secretary is responsible to maintain a file of the papers, records and documents of the association with the concern of the Secretary. He has to report office activities to the General Secretary.
    9b.8 The Media Secretary is responsible to advertise all the activities of the club through news Papers, e-mail, notice board, phone call etc. he/she has to prepare a report/story after any important events then send it to different media as a press notes.
    9b.9 The Program secretary is responsible to arrange any sorts of internal and external program with the guidance of organizing secretary.
9c.1 The Immediate Past President shall be a life time member of the Executive Committee.
  9c.2 A member of the Executive may be removed from his or her position by a vote of “no confidence” which shall require a simple majority at a duly convened General Meeting.
    9c.3 Any member of the Executive who is absent from three consecutive Executive meetings may be removed from his or her position by a simple majority vote of “no confidence” at an Executive Meeting, only if quorum is not reached at a duly convened General Meeting .
    9c.4 At any General Meeting of the association or of the Executive, and internal events, the President shall preside. The President may delegate the role of Chairperson of any meeting to another person. If the President is not present, the Vice-President shall preside. If neither be present, the persons present at the meeting as members of the association or of the Executive (as the case may be) shall elect one from their number to preside at the meeting as its Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a deliberative vote and shall have a casting vote in the event of an equal division of votes on any question.

10. Committee Duration:
Two (2) years
11. Documentation
The following documents shall be prepared and maintained to operate the association.
Annual Calendar, Meeting Minutes, Annual Reports, Data base, Periodicals etc.

12. Medium of Communication
The following methods shall be adopted for communication of the association.
Website, Facebook page, e-mail, phone, messenger etc.

13. Events:
The following events shall be arranged every year.
Get together, Workshop, Training Program, Career Carnival, Tour, Iftar Mahfil etc.

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