Department Of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Date Name of Activities
11-Mar-19 ‘Declaring Research Activities by EEE Faculty Members’
24-Feb-19 ÒWeb-Based Electricity Cost Modeling for Capacity Development and Policy Planning
3-Feb-19 Training Session & Course creation in DIU BLC (Moodle)
13-Jan-19 Development of Course Profile
23-Dec-18 VLSI
8th Dec, 2018 "Demystifying Nuclear"
8th Dec, 2018 "Automation Switching System and Maintainance in industrial work"
14-Aug-18 "knowledge sharing and interaction session"
14-Aug-18 "google site"
26-Jul-18 ‘Career in Networking Field’ 
27-May-18 “Quality Assurance in Tertiary Level Education”
17-May-18 “Development of Outcome Based Lesson Plan”
12-May-18 “Laboratory Curriculum Development and Efficient Utilization of Lab Resources to comply with OBE
11-Apr-18 “Students’ perceptions of quality in higher education to support outcome based course curriculum (OBCC)”.
12-Apr-18  Research Methodology and Publications
29-Mar-18 "Curriculum Review"
25-Mar-18 “Setting Vision, Mission, PEO and PLO”
19-Mar-18 “Participative Classroom Interaction”
14-March-2018 &
“Outcome Based Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning”
24-Feb-18  “How quality education facilitates to choose the career path”
22-Feb-18 “Development of Teaching Learning process using Moodle platform
4-Jan-18 SMART Learning Outcomes and Lesson Planning for EEE"
27-Nov-17 "Post Self-Assessment Improvement Plan" 
9-Nov-17 How to implement the recommendations of EPRT
14-Jul-17  "Question analysis using Bloom's Taxonomy"
5-Jun-17 Survey Result Sharing 
18-May-17 "Survey Questionnaire" with Student for self-assessment Programing
16-May-17  “Surveying Questionnaires with Alumni and Employer”
27-Feb-2017 &
“Data Collection Technique of Self-Assessment Process for EEE Department
20-Dec-16 “Self-Assessment process and International Benchmarking”
19-Dec-16 “Team building for self-assessment process”

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